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Singer Tori Kelly shares message to youngsters: Be the girl that God uniquely made you

Grammy-nominated singer Tori Kelly has opened up about how her Christian faith helped her with insecurities she struggled with since childhood.

In a video testimonial as part of the White Chair Film series, the 25-year-old American artist explained how growing up being told she was an "amazing singer" eventually damaged her.

Aged 12, she was dropped from a record label company and struggled with her identity.


"Every executive that I would talk to, there was always some reason they didn't want to sign me," she said during the 6-minute video.

"They wanted me to be this outgoing, bubbly personality, which I didn't have, and that's when I really started comparing myself to other people.


She explained how she found her true identity in Christ, sharing a message to her 12-year-old self and anyone else struggling with finding their true identity.

"One day you're going to grow into your own skin and be the girl that God uniquely made as you," she said close to tears.

"And you don't have to compare yourself to anybody. I didn't have to change myself; I can just be myself."

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