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Allo Mate Live: Say Allo to Guvna B’s new live youth event

The first Allo Mate Live event took place on Thursday 27thJuly and I was completely blown away by the energetic atmosphere and strong artist line up which included the man himself, Guvna B Samm Henshaw, Nick Brewer, ZoeGrace and Melvillous not to mention a surprise collaboration performance by Guvna B and fellow rap artiste AStar. 

This ‘feel good’ event delivered its promise to be ‘Clean content for the culture’ and much more. Double MOBO award winning artist Guvna B has always been vocal about his heart for young people, whether it’s through his music, writing or television appearances. He recently published his first book Unpopular Culture, where he shares his testimony and experiences of growing up as a young man in East London, which hit the Amazon best sellers list within a week of the release date.

With a passion for influencing the youth culture and creating a space for ‘clean content’, Guvna B aka Isaac Borquaye, did exactly that through his first Allo Mate Live event. At 6.00pm when the doors opened at the trendy RichMix venue in Shoreditch, 12 to 30 somethings arrived with their families, friendship groups and youth groups, ready for the night. Throughout the event fidget spinners were given away, a photo booth was available for guests to take fun snaps, AlloMate wrist bands were given out to guests at reception and mid concert, Guvna B gave away items from his Allomate.co.uk clothing line to the audience.

I would’ve been grateful for events like Allo Mate Live to be available when I was a teenager as it was the perfect combination of ministry, music and fun - all wrapped up in clean ‘feel good’ content; ideal for the modern day young person who is looking for a safe, fun and appropriate evening out with their friends or family.

A great example of perseverance, dedication and passion to use his God given gifts to influence the next generation, amidst his own personal loss, Guvna B ended the night with a beautiful track which was dedicated to his late Father who sadly passed away just a week before the event.  “Nobody knows they need a Saviour until they hit a crisis” were some of the powerful words from this track and we were reminded of the importance of praying for people around the world in war-torn and poverty stricken countries who are facing challenges on a daily basis.

Allo Mate Live was a 20 out of 10 for me, and I would recommend that you take your partner, children, nieces, cousins, brothers and sisters to the next event. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to miss out.

(Snippets of Guvna B and AStar performing on the night)


Written by Tamala Ceasar, a Digital Producer at Premier

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