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Mighty Men

Back in February, Lurine Cato gathered together more than 40 award-winning gospel artists to create Mighty Men, including Faith Child, Noel Robinson, Isaiah Raymond and The late Linton C. Beckles.

The Mighty Men aim to promote a positive image of men and encourage husbands and sons to be a force for good in their communities. 

‘Keep Fighting’ is about men standing firm and not giving up. It can be easy to throw in the towel when faced by spiritual hardship and other battles, which is why the Mighty Men want to encourage their peers and prove that they can be role models to those who look to them for guidance. The spiritual battle is not an easy one so we should not be afraid to admit that the path we tread is long and testing. 

The track was produced by Marcus Johnson (Beverley Knight, Soul II Soul) and Ian Green (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears) and recorded at The Dugdale Theatre. 

It is available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc.

Listen here:

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