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Jermaine Dallas

Jermaine has BBC Radio experience as well as presenting experience at various community, student and hospital radio stations. He's also a journalism graduate and former journalist. Exclusively a Gospel DJ since 2007.

What’s your show name and why? UK Gospel Show. It celebrates the best of British Gospel music and talks to the artists, fans and other key people in the scene.

What’s the USP for your show? It’s unique in its sole dedication to home grown gospel music.

What do you do when you’re not presenting? Public relations professional in the technology industry.

Likes: Warm weather, good food, finding out and experiencing new things.

Dislikes: Dogs, prawns...

Would most like to meet: My future wife!

Would like to achieve: Greatness - namely being known for having moved the needle and doing something worthwhile in whatever sphere I’m working in.

Most embarrassing moment: Being stuck on the ledge outside my bedroom window and having the whole neighbourhood looking on, wondering how I was going to get down!

Cry when: Watching The Snowman. That ending is too much for me to deal with.

Happiest when: I’m around people that make me laugh and are a positive influence.

Laugh when: I’m with my extended family at gatherings.

Earliest childhood memory: Playing in a ball pond in Blackpool as a toddler.

Would like to thank: The early Gospel DJs from the UK that made me realise I could do something to share my passion for music and passion for Christ with others.

Favourite Gospel track: Fred Hammond 'Jesus Be a Fence'.

Technology you can’t live without: My iPad. I take it everywhere with me and I use it for so many things.

Song you like but won’t tell your friends: 'Bare Necessities' from The Jungle Book.

One thing you can’t live without (apart from Jesus):  My sense of humour. Life’s too short to be miserable all the time.

Which 3 guests would you invite to dine with you and why? Michael Jordan because I’ve always admired how he transcended his sport to become a globally recognised high flier. Kirk Franklin because his was one of the albums that got me into Gospel music and he has been around the industry long enough to have some fascinating stories. Steve Jobs to hear about the journey to building one of the biggest brands on the planet.

Secret phobia: Mice and rats!

Favourite scripture and why? Psalm 23:4. It reminds me that my faith in God means that I don’t need to worry about what might look like a dark and impossible situation.

Twitter account? DJFiremanUK


The UK Gospel Show with Jermaine Dallas showcases the... More
The UK Gospel Show with Jermaine Dallas showcases the... More

The UK Gospel Show with Jermaine Dallas showcases the... More
The UK Gospel Show with Jermaine Dallas showcases the... More