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Jermaine has BBC Radio experience as well as presenting experience at various community, student and... More
Tolu Adepegba - aka Lady T - started off doing college radio. She worked at MTV Networks London as a... More
Photographer and head of music for Premier Gospel, Luke "The Professor” brings you best in Hip-Hop music... More
Madeleine is a recording artist, worship leader, singer-songwriter, consultant at City Chapel, Beckton and... More
Muyiwa is pretty talented. He’s a singer-songwriter and broadcaster on radio and television. He and his... More
Nage is a dedicated lover of broadcasting having gained some of her training in Dublin at a Christian... More
Nigel is the presenter of Soul Food, and his life has been a remarkable journey that has has seen him... More
Paul has worked for over 30 years with artistes on the Gospel, Classical and Secular divide. Paul has... More
Theo is a father of six, his eldest 24 and his youngest just 8. He grew up as an avid church-goer, attending... More
If you’re a fan of UK Gospel then you probably want to take your hat of to Yinka who has championed British... More

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