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Madeleine is a recording artist, worship leader, singer-songwriter, consultant at City Chapel, Beckton and... More
Muyiwa is pretty talented. He’s a singer-songwriter and broadcaster on radio and television. He and his... More
Nage is a dedicated lover of broadcasting having gained some of her training in Dublin at a Christian... More
Nigel is the presenter of Soul Food, and his life has been a remarkable journey that has has seen him... More
Paul has worked for over 30 years with artistes on the Gospel, Classical and Secular divide. Paul has... More
Prince was lead singer for the acclaimed reggae band, Ruff Kutt. For several years, he learned the art... More
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according... More
Theo is a father of six, his eldest 24 and his youngest just 8. He grew up as an avid church-goer, attending... More
If you’re a fan of UK Gospel then you probably want to take your hat of to Yinka who has championed British... More

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