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Last on: Saturday 06 Jul 18:00 pm


J Vessel is a Christian rapper from London. He performs his song 'Dreams' from his album Reflections. More

‘Hallelujah’ is a song from the EP ‘Secret Place’. More

Inspired by messages of hope, love and truth, Farsight hopes to encourage, inspire and challenge with his thought provoking lyrics woven in to both haunting and beautiful melodies. Twitter: @farsightm... More

This Saturday’s (1st Oct) unsigned artist is Hilary Walker (Hills). Tune in to Premier Christian Radio at 9pm for an exclusive interview and performance. More

Singer Kacey Chambers joined us in the Premier studios for a rendition of her song 'Let It Go', especially for Unsigned with Loretta Andrews. More

Shan Smile is a singer-songwriter and musician based in London who’s music consists of a range of gospel, soul, reggae and folk influences.Twitter: @ShanSmileMusicShan Smiles on SoundCloud More

This week's #Unsigned artist is Malunga, performing her song 'Learning to Love'.  More

Devotion were guests on Premier Unsigned recently. Here they are performing 'Darkest Days'.  More

Speak Brother visited our studios recently and performed 'Slow to Now' exclusively for us. Check it out.  More

Sarah Teibo was a guest on Unsigned on Premier. Here she performs her track, 'New Day', especially for us.  More

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With - Femi Temowo

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