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with Muyiwa
Sunday's at 9am
On your way to church, can’t go to church, won’t go to church. This show has just what you need to put... More
with Paul Lee
Sundays at 7am
Start your Sunday the right way with a hot mix of classic and contemporary songs, thoughts and praye... More
Sundays from 9pm
Enjoy The Naked Love Podcast, hosted by Khafi aka A Cup of Khafi and Theo Manderson on Premier Gospel,... More
with Akosua DF
Sundays at 6pm
Let Akosua DF take control of your evening More
Thursdays at 7pm and Sundays at 9pm
Flying the flag for one of the most intricate music styles around. Relax and with the latest and best... More
Weekdays at 10am & 2pm, and Fridays at 7pm. Saturdays at 5pm & 7pm and Sundays at 8pm
From the classic gospel choirs of America to the urban sounds of the UK, Premier Gospel plays you the... More

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