Big Breakfast

Saturday 15th August 2015 - 08:00 am

A Level results came out this Thursday and record numbers have been accepted into universities. But uni can be a daunting prospect for some…and will you manage to hold onto your faith amidst the worldly nature of uni life? Anna be chatting to Rosie Kersys from Fusion, a nationwide organisation who help Christians to hold onto their faith whilst at uni. Plus, motivational speaker Action Jackson will be joining Anna to encourage you, should things not have turned out as planned.

And for the younger kids, it’s time for Guardians of Ancora! Have you played the game yet? It’s been released by Scripture Union and Head of Marketing, Mark Green, will give us the low down on how to get our hands on it.

Plus, today we start our battle of the generations in our new competition, 'Who Knows Best?'. Kids think they know it all, but so do parents. So it’s time to put you to the test as you go head to head in a series of multiple choice questions…and the loser has to do a forfeit!

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