Nissy Tee Get's Real
The murder of George Floyd has sent shock waves throughout the world, sparking protests in the UK, the Netherlands and even Syria

In a real conversation Nissy Tee sits down with Cassandra to talk about why she decided to marry at a young age, how the pandemic has actually helped her and how the death of George Floyd rocked her.

Nissy Tee, a social media influencer and business woman from the UK, is famous for giving her opinion on different topics that affect the world around her. She shot to fame after appearing on a hit YouTube series called 'BkChat' and has since amassed hundreds of thousands of people following her online.

Nissy is also a Christian and has been for her entire life, recently getting engaged to her partner of 4 years and planning to wed once the pandemic subsides.

Cassandra and Nissy sat down to talk marrying at the age of 24, how coronavirus has impacted her life and how the death of George Floyd affected her internally and why, as well as what she thinks we should do next as a community

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