Living with Stillbirth - Steve's Story

Tuesday 1st September 2015 - 09:00 am

Imagine this: your wife is weeks away from giving birth, the whole church is excited and you’re finalising your preparations for welcoming your newborn child into your home. But then, at a doctor’s appointment you discover the baby no longer has a heartbeat…

Steve's family were excited for their new arrival, but at a routine scan their doctor discovered their unborn baby no longer had a heartbeat. Like one in 216 births, they were left telling their extended family that their pregnancy had ended in a stillbirth.

Listen to Steve's story of Living With Stillbirth; how God drew his family closer together and brought them all through a tough loss.

Useful Links

NHS Support for Bereavement and Stillbirth

Premier Lifeline - Confidential prayer and support; 0300 111 0101

Sands - UK Stillbirth and neonatal charity

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