Sahar's Story - Living With Conversion

Wednesday 19th August 2015 - 09:00 am

It's a big thing, to accept God in our life; confess our sins and put our lives in his hands. Many of us have grown up with Christian backgrounds, but for others, their conversion has been completely life-changing.

Sahar grew up with Muslim parents in the United Arab Emirates, before travelling to the UK in order to study at University. There she eventually was exposed to the Bible's message, seeking more and more for herself before, finally, accepting Christ into her life.

Listen to Sahar's story of Living With Conversion; how she found God and was supported in her amazing journey.

Useful Links

Premier Lifeline - Confidential prayer and support; 0300 111 0101

Safe Haven - Christian Concern's 'Safe Haven' campaign for those leaving Islam

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