Vivian’s Story: Living With The Aftermath of Domestic Abuse

Tuesday 12th November 2013 - 08:00 am

Mother of two, Vivian Rose was the victim of domestic violence for many years. A committed Christian, Vivian was at first reluctant to end her marriage, and gave in to the pressures of her cultural background to remain silent. But when her children’s safety was jeopardised, Vivian was convicted to end the relationship.

Listen here to Vivian’s uncut interview. She details much of the abuse she suffered, including a revealing commentary on the conflict between African marriage traditions and the Bible.

To read Vivian’s full story you can purchase her book, Winning the Battle Against Domestic Violence available on Amazon.

Her Facebook page – Picking Up the Pieces – has become a popular recovery resource (attracting tens of thousands of subscribers from around the world) with posts that are injected with wisdom, comfort and inspiration, helping people to “turn their pain to gain”.

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