Yvonne’s Story: Living With the Aftermath of Sexual Abuse

Tuesday 2nd July 2013 - 08:00 am

Sexually abused by her father for many years, Yvonne Ellis was ostracised from her family for telling the truth. She was taken into the care system at thirteen years old and found herself entering into a world of dysfunction, despair, and confusion.

Labelled a ‘problem child’, she battled with many emotions and, by the time she was fourteen, she was walking down the road of self-destruction.

Finding God has marked an incredible journey Yvonne has embarked on in dealing with the aftermath of sexual abuse which has lead to her writing the autobiography Daughter Arise on her experience of sexual abuse and setting up an organisation also called Daughter Arise to help other survivors. Determined, strong and with a heart to help others, hear how Yvonne has dealt with issues of living with the aftermath of abuse.

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