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Stabbed, Betrayed....but now an Author.

Friday 23rd March 2018 - 04:30 pm

CHANTELL HAYLES talks to LadyT about her troubled and difficult life after her parents divorce. This led to her living a very promiscuous lifestyle. Subjected to teenage rivalry, jealousy, betrayal from her close trusted friends, brutally stabbed and contemplated committing suicide on several occasions as she searched for her father in men in the Gentlemen's night club world of lap-dancing; all the time continuing to search to find personal self-worth.

Her book, "BEAUTY for ASHES", records and tells Chantell Leonie Hayles remarkable poignant yet compelling life-changing story in her own truthful words of finding her true purpose, unconditional love, acceptance, hope & contentment in God.

Her story is one of finding 'Purpose in the Pain!'

*Warning - there are graphic descriptions of violence in this interview*  Have you been affected by this interview? Please visit https://www.premierlife.org.uk/ for more support

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