Meet The Millennials - Colourism

Monday 1st April 2019 - 07:00 pm

“I remember playing ‘kiss chase’ at school, and never getting kissed, I just thought I was a really fast runner…but then I noticed that all my mixed-race and light-skinned friends always seemed to get matter how fast they ran. I didn’t even really know how to articulate feeling inferior back then, but now it’s 2018 and there’s a word for why it seems lighter-skinned women are the pick in the playground, music, film and entertainment – Colourism. It’s cool though because now we have #blackgirlmagic right….?” ~ Anonymous Millennial 

Beauty bloggers, Breeny Lee, Lavinya Royes, Adella Afadi and Daisy Boateng kick off Season 2 with a heart-to-heart on Colourism. 2018 is the year the Twitter trolls tracked down all the colourists, bringing to the fore what dark-skinned women won’t tolerate anymore. We talk tweets, everyday examples of colourism, ‘preference’, the beauty standard according to men, why #blackgirlmagic’s legacy is our responsibility and how we uphold our beauty from society’s narrative with what the word of God has to say. 

Elaina Boateng and Esther Opoku-Gyeni host their friends and influencers in the Premier Gospel studio to talk millennial matters with special guest presenters Cassandra Lokko and Faith Child.

Expect honest conversation, side-splitting anecdotes and a challenge and/or take away from each show. Hot topics include Sexuality and Abstinence, Youth Violence and SPAC Nation, and The Millennial Hustle.

Studio hangouts are the new motive and you're invited!

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