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Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope talks "A Prayer" (explicit version), working w/ Andy Mineo, tips for songwriters

Tuesday 15th May 2018 - 07:44 pm

Luke had the pleasure of interviewing Chad Gardner, the lead singer of Kings Kaleidoscope ahead of their first show in London Summer 2K18. Kings Kaleidoscope are a band from Seattle who have always experimented with their sound, and more recently collaborated with Hip-Hop artists like Andy Mineo, Derek Minor, Braille and others.

In this interview, we unpacked the controversial song "A Prayer". As well as that, Chad shares openly about what he's recently learned about God through spending more time with him and we find out why he prefers cats over dogs. Emotional stuff.


02:03 - How would you describe Kings Kaleidoscope to anyone who's never heard of you guys before? "The Christian music industry doesn't really have a slot for us...."

04:13 - MUSIC: "The Beauty Between" by Kings Kaleidoscope f. Andy Mineo

08:15 - Working with Andy Mineo on his project, and how that came about.

09:30 - Is Hip Hop for you guys a new direction or just a dabble?

11:50 - The song "A Prayer" - do you regret how the focus shifted to that rather than the sentiment of the song or was that the point?

13:20 - MUSIC: "A Prayer" by Kings Kaleidoscope

16:55 - What place were you in when you wrote that song - A Prayer?

19:20 - Do you wish Christians would be more real and honest about the tough stuff in life?

20:55 - What was the thinking behind the bridge in "A Prayer" for both the studio + live versions?

23:28 - Should artists reflect the narrative of society in their art or create it?

25:07 - Thoughts on Kanye + his outburst in May

26:55 - As Christians who are artists – do you feel a pressure to be a role model? Should artists be?

28:38 - You’ve also been described as a modern worship collective – do you think worship music needs to be more diverse particularly to appeal to men more?

31:10 - You started off by reimagining hymns - Is that one of your goals – to make worship more accessible?

34:01 - What do you think young people who are Christians need the most right now?

35:45 - What have you learnt recently from spending more time with God?

38:19 - Will it be the first time in London?

39:06 - What are you most looking forward to about the trip / gig?

39:49 - Most embarrassing / funny moment during touring / gigging?

41:25 - Top 3 tips for songwriters

42:50 - Favourite worship song right now?

43:45 - Favourite songwriter

44:55 - Dogs or Cats?

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