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Sarah Teibo was a guest on Unsigned on Premier. Here she performs her track, 'New Day', especially for... More

Premier Unsigned brings you the freshest new unsigned music from around the UK every week. Ayala has... More

Young unsigned artist Ruth-Ellen performs her track 'Do It All Again'. More

Mariam performing her song 'Galaxies', live and exclusive for Unsigned. More

Nadine is currently promoting her new EP called Exile, and is this Saturday's guest on Unsigned.  More

Dynamic, professional gospel choir IDMC perform live for Yinka on Gospel Breakfast. More

The IDMC choir and Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir perform a quick medley, live on Gospel Breakfast.  More

Balé performs live on air for Unsigned with Loretta. More

The Wades Next Generation drop by Gospel Drive with Lady T to talk about their single 'Go Harder' and... More

All She Knows are an experimental pop rock band based in Glasgow. More

LIVE 13:00 - 16:00

With - Yinka

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