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Bazil Meade is the founder of LCGC, a group that have worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Madonna. He talks about the impact of David Bowie who sadly passed away.  More

Visit the oldest cathedral in east Africa and take a tour with the Vicar More

Isaiah Katumwa is the number 1 Jazz saxophonist in East Africa. He has over decades built up and help to define the sound of Jazz for this region in Africa he shares how his faith affected his journey... More

Jennifer Semakula Musisi is a Ugandan lawyer and public administrator. She is the executive director... More

What is your lesson in love? February is relationship month here on Premier Gospel. In the lead up to... More

Premier Gospel Station Director Muyiwa broadcasts a fantastic and heart-warming show live from the United... More

Robert Kayanja is the younger brother of the Archbishop of York John Sentamu and also is the founder... More

Find out what happened when Yinka went on holiday and left the Premier Gospel Breakfast Show in the hands... More

Rise of UK Gospel Documentary by Esther Opoku Gyeni More

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